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Why choose a facilitator for your workshops or meetings?  What’s in it for you?

workshop facilitation

If you’re facing challenges or conflict in the workplace, then a facilitator is essential for you.

Are your meetings or workshops dominated by the usual suspects? In that case you definitely need a facilitator.

Do your meetings end up in chaos or fail to achieve what you set out to achieve?  Workshop Facilitation would make a big difference to you.

Using a facilitator for your workshops or meetings will leave everyone feeling engaged, committed to the outcome and trusting that you lead with integrity.

What does a workshop facilitator bring to your event?

Facilitators transform the outcome of the workshop by focussing on the process of the workshop. Facilitators contribute:

  • An unbiased perspective
  • Sensitivity to feelings of the group and of individuals
  • A sense of humour
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to listen and ask productive questions
  • Focused time
  • Commitment to collaboration
  • Resourcefulness and creativity
  • Getting everybody actively involved
workshop facilitation

Creating the perfect environment for collaborating

Our facilitators, being experts in group dynamics with 25+ years working with all major psychometric profiling tools can easily assess the make-up of each group. By focusing on the process and staying out of the content we facilitate from a neutral place remaining objective. Instantly, all participants are actively engaged and feel comfortable.

With their background our Facilitators can assess the dynamics of each group and effectively ‘plug the gap’ if a group is over-populated with one or two particular styles. This will encourage full participation and balanced sharing even for reserved members of the group. Our facilitators are professional, open and flexible, they can adjust the meeting process according to the situation. The nature of collaborative working requires each member of the group to adapt and engage…we lead by example and encourage the group to follow us.

Our workshop facilitation creates the perfect environment to overcome barriers, make impactful progress and reach solutions for business success and growth. What’s more, decisions made as a team often increase staff motivation and purpose as everyone is part of the shared ownership of those solutions.

Managing the Process

During our design sessions with you we will be thorough and identify any potential ‘rabbit holes’ you tend to get drawn into. As well as the characters that like to drag you into them.

A highly valued aspect of our workshop facilitation service is our ability to manage the group and deliver your outcome, whilst keeping the entire group engaged.

Our process is everything. From the moment the group enters the room they are engaging with our pinpoint process and we are identifying all the traits and dynamics present. By building excellent rapport with the entire group we build commitment to achieving the outcome.

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