Values & Alignment

Wherever there is a conflict in your team or organisation…different values are operating.

Identifying the values driving behaviour within teams will reveal the sources of any conflict.  Aligning the values within a team will drive commitment to common goals.

Many different teams have benefited from this workshop. Which statements best describe a team you work with?
Why is the alignment of Values important?

Only by understanding what is important to others can you build a great relationship. When someone behaves in a fashion that causes you frustration, your values and the other person’s values are different. Unless this frustration is ironed out by understanding the difference in values, a bigger tension will build resulting in conflict.

Values not only drive behaviour, they also underpin our purpose. Organisational Purpose and Values when aligned drive employee engagement. Values are the most important aspect of our personal development and our strategic narrative.

We use all our magical processes of NLP, The Colour Energies & Pinpoint Facilitation to create a Values Alignment facilitation process.

The model above is an NLP Model.

This process is particularly effective when multiple stakeholders are looking to develop a collaborative relationship.

Curious to know how a Values Alignment process can impact on your team’s or organisational performance?