Transforming Low Performance

The toughest assignment we get asked to undertake.

We’re not about to suggest we have all the answers for this scenario.  Suffice to say that on the occasions we have successfully transformed teams in this situation we have found one common denomentator. 

Low Performing Teams have dysfunctional characters pulling the strings.

Okay, thats a pretty bold statement!

Dysfunctional behaviour can take many forms. When you have more than one dysfunctional pattern running within a team of people, those team members that just want to get on, simply end up in a torrent of confusion and apathy.

You can have opposite ends of the dysfunctional behaviour spectrum operating at the same time within a team. Spotting this and addressing it can be challenging. Are you prepared to see these characters leave your team? Once change begins and the rest of the team get on board, those that have held the team back usually leave rather than lose their power.

This scenario is always about POWER.

Dysfunctional Behaviour

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Do you suspect you have one or more people pulling the strings of teams within your organisation?  Are you being held back and struggling to identify why?