Team Cohesion

Team Cohesion – What is it & Why is it Important?

Team Cohesion is vital if you’re looking to maximise your team’s engagement and ability to work together. This facilitated process will also create alignment around a compelling purpose and vision.

Many different teams have benefited from this process. Which statements best describe a team you work with?

  • Not working well together

  • Underperforming

  • Experiencing strained relationships

  • Newly formed

  • Lack of vision, momentum or motivation

  • Working in Silos

How will your team benefit from this facilitated process?

We typically find that the teams facilitate through a Team Cohesion process achieve the following benefits:

  • More engaged and motivated team members

  • Mitigate potential risk to team performance
  • Clarify the team’s ‘why?’
  • Identify how each team member contributes
  • Have an arena to value different approaches to strategy
  • Develop a balanced strategy together with shared ownership
C-me Colour Profiling Core v Flex Wheel
Is the Team Cohesion Process right for your team?

It’s for teams who want to become more effective together. It may be that your team is fully aware of the changes they need to make or the team is functioning well but want to fine tune. Either way this workshop can bring value.

We are able to offer a bespoke process for your team, we’ve never encountered two teams or organisations with exactly the same challenges or dynamics!  We’re not fans of pushing every team through the same process (some people call sheep dipping!)

We focus on behaviours and dynamics rather than personality and provide a common language, based on the four colour energies, that helps a team communicate their similarities and differences easily.

Are you looking to improve the cohesion of your team?