A workshop facilitator is a catalyst, we spark conversations that ignite engagement and collaborative working.

Engaging | Collaborating | Achieving

Our workshop facilitators engage you in conversation about your outcomes.

From this we design a process through a collaborative partnership with you.

When we engage with your teams and build rapport with them, Trust develops.  Different dynamics are developed, new ways of working emerge.  Before you know it…you’re on the way to achieving your goals.

workshop facilitator


Our facilitators are experts in group dynamics with 25+ years working with all major psychometric profiling tools they can easily assess the make-up of each group. By focusing on the process and staying out of the content we facilitate from a neutral place remaining objective. Instantly, all participants are actively engaged and feel comfortable.

A highly valued aspect of our facilitation service is our ability to manage the group and deliver your outcome, whilst keeping the entire group engaged.

  • If you’re facing challenges or conflict in the workplace, then a workshop facilitator is essential for you.

  • Do your meetings or workshops tend to be dominated by the usual suspects? In that case you definitely need a workshop facilitator.

  • If your meetings end up in chaos or fail to achieve what you set out to achieve? A workshop facilitator would make a big difference to you.

  • Using a facilitator for your workshops or meetings will leave everyone feeling engaged, committed to the outcome and trusting that you lead with integrity.


Whatever your challenge we can create a coaching process that will empower you to achieve your outcome.

Our Coaching model is a blend of all the most successful models developed over the last half a century. This is great for you…you get access to everything that has proven to be effective.

We offer coaching across a wide spectrum of contexts and scenarios, some examples are below.

coaching from the workshop facilitator
  • Struggling to lead your team and generate the performance you know they are capable of?

  • Have you arrived at a crossroads?  You might be in a rut in your current role or in between roles.

  • Learning to collaborate is to learn how to become interdependent with others.

  • Feeling that you are not living the life you want, is something missing?

Training with the workshop facilitator


We create learning environments where each delegate is fully engaged and contributing their own and the whole groups’ learning.

When you use highly experienced and accredited trainers you can confident that you are working with people you can TRUST.

  • A thorough understanding of the programme subject matter
  • Someone to help you pinpoint your training needs
  • Fun and creative solutions to increase receptiveness

  • Patience, focus and adaptability

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