Purpose | Vision | Values

A compelling Strategic Narrative has never been more important!

This facilitation process explores and develops the most compelling Purpose, Vision & Values for your organisation.

Neuro science is now confirming what was already known by the NLP field! When a person feels a strongly positive emotional connection to an outcome – they become compelled to achieve it. We facilitate the development of the most compelling strategic narrative. You will attract the talent that wants to be part of your success.

Many different organisations have benefitted from this facilitated process.

Many organisations stop short of developing the compelling purpose that can drive engagement of existing employees as well as attracting top talent. We work with organisations to help them stand out as beacons.

Whats the difference between Purpose & Vision?

It matters that we have a line of sight between our activity and the organisational purpose as it provides a sense of being valued and of status, because our work matters and makes a difference. Feeling valued puts our brains into a positive mind set.

Research has demonstrated that for most people, doing something meaningful means doing something for others. Strategic narrative is important to employee engagement, but one that describes how employees are helping others is all the more powerful.

Purpose Vision Values Facilitation

A purpose defines how your organisation and employees will a make positive impact on the wider environment of which they are part. A vision merely sets out a visual of what you want to achieve over a period of time.

So where do Values fit in?

We’ve all probably experienced a time when what an organisations says is important to them, does not match what we experience when dealing with them.  Values are our emotional ‘hot buttons’, they motivate us to act.

When we can create an organisational Purpose that embodies the most important values of our employees…BOOM! Thats when true engagement will happen!

Do you want a compelling Strategic Narrative to drive employee engagement?