Transform your team performance with our C-me Card Game.  Used in conjunction with the C-me High Performance Plus Report this card game will embed the language of the four colour energies within your team.

Consisting of a number of different statements relating to the 4 colour energies, these cards can transform your team dynamics.  Start your team meetings with the C-me Card Game, its a brilliant ice-breaker.

Once you experience the impact of the card game you will be amazed at the energy in the group, it’s like a light has been switched on.  Suddenly, everyone is lively and chatting.  Mostly, your team will be laughing at how many cards of a particular colour they have received.  Sometimes, there will be no surprises that one person has ended up with mostly one colour.

When to use the C-Me Card Game

Wanting to know how your team see you as manager or team leader?  Run the C-me Card Game exercise and let the exchanging begin.  The cards your colleagues give you will give you an insight into how they perceive you.  Keen to know how to communicate with your team, in order to improve team performance?  The C-me Cards are a fun and interactive way to pull out the behavioural preferences in your colleagues.

The major benefit of the design of our card game is the statements are shown on a white background.  Your colleagues either accept a statement or they don’t.  With other card games, such as, the Insights Discovery Card Game the colour associated with the statement is always leading the choice.

Start the process of giving and receiving feedback in a way that makes it fun, therefore, making feedback more constructive.  By removing the fear and creating a safe environment, our card game results in an activity that builds engagement.

Once you’ve started using the language of the colour energies, and therefore, started to build excellent relationships your team dynamics will transform.