Dysfunctional Teams

A dysfunctional team at the last chance saloon!

A dysfunctional team represents one of our favourite assignments.  There is just so much to learn each time we turn one around into a high performing team.

One of our long established clients contacted us, they were running out of options for how to deal with a dysfunctional team.  The whole team was at the last chance saloon, so to speak.  The request was simple, get them to work together in a healthy normal fashion.

The budget and the amount of time available was challenging!  We were given 4 days and could only use group facilitation.  There was no budget for individual coaching or behavioural profiling. This was a challenging brief, we like challenging briefs!

Client Description

Desired Outcome

  • Zero Engagement

  • Passive Aggressive
  • No Self-Awareness, even less awareness of others!
  • Dominant Personalities creating negativity
  • Full Engagement
  • Assertive Communication
  • Increased awareness of both self & others

  • All team members contributing equally

Our Approach