C-Me Profiling in Team Alignment

C-Me Profiling in Team Alignment

We were asked to facilitate a team alignment exercise with teams from two business units within the same directorate, using C-me Profiling.  This directorate had recently undergone a re-organisation and these two teams were now expected to work much more closely together, to ensure smooth delivery of business operations.

Our client’s aim was to create a common language to foster better relationships across the directorate.  

Presenting Issues

  • Internal Conflicts

  • Lack of trust between business units

  • Poor Relationships across the directorate following a re-organisation

Desired Outcome

  • Appreciation of each unit’s contribution
  • Recognition of different behavioural preferences

  • Focus on the future and a compelling purpose not the past

Our Approach

Every team member received their own C-me Colour Profile.  We took the results of the profiles and compiled two team wheels and one combined team wheel.  With two different team profiles we could easily get the team to identify the areas where they could develop greater team alignment.

Each team member participated in a one hour feedback discussion.  This session built rapport between the facilitator and the delegates.  Having the space to ask their own questions in confidence and understand their own profile in detail gives our delegates a degree of comfort and encourages engagement with the process.

We facilitated a team alignment workshop utilising PinPoint Facilitation techniques.  The C-me Card Game was used to create energy and interaction between the two teams.   A reflective process applying the four colour energies to the re-organisation process was used a method of moving on from the past and creating a new focus on the future.

C-me Profiling in team development