NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP is the absolute foundation of everything we do.

No, not just us here at but you also. Everything you do in order to get the results you achieve is explained by NLP. Whether those results you’re currently getting are the results you want or not. NLP will give us the patterns and strategies you use to achieve those results. NLP will also gives us the insights to alter and change your patterns and strategies so you get the results you want.

In your groups and teams NLP is being used by everyone in all their conversations and interactions. Everything that everybody is doing all the time is NLP. If this is the case why would we not utilise our extensive experience and knowledge of NLP to transform the dynamics of your teams?


NLP & Success Dynamics

In the field of NLP we have Four Pillars upon which we create excellence.  We employ these four pillars in all that we do when we facilitate workshops.

the four pillars of NLP in workshop facilitation
  • Outcome Orientation – We stay focused on your Outcome.
  • We build rapport with your entire group quickly and maintain this for the entire workshop.
  • Our heightened Sensory acuity allows us to  tune into all the non-verbal cues from your group.
  • We adapt our behaviour and our process to ensure your outcome is achieved.

How we apply NLP to Workshop Facilitation


From our very first interaction with you we want to understand your Outcomes.  Not simply what you want a workshop to do but what you want to achieve long after we have facilitated your workshop.


We design our entire process to achieve your Outcome.  We take your Present State and through a number of different steps move you towards your Desired State.  All our facilitation processes and questions are underpinned by NLP patterns.


We’re able to Match and Mirror the dynamic of your group.  We then create a shift in our physiology and psychology to trigger a shift in the group.  Because we’ve built rapport and tested this, when we shift your group wll follow us.

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