Leadership Agility – A Major Organisational Challenge

The Key to Leadership Agility

The key to Agility is for leadership to engage people around a compelling purpose. A compelling purpose is one where people can see that their energy and commitment contributes to something bigger than their job.  Going to work becomes more than ‘doing a job’ it becomes about making a contribution to a common good.

In other words, people are building something that has value outside the profitability of the business or shareholder value.

Leadership and Agility

The Leadership Challenge

With a compelling purpose in place when the ‘wind changes direction’,  as it will inevitably, and the leadership needs to change strategy to stay on course, everyone will shift in order to stay focused on the compelling purpose. The most important thing is delivering on the purpose. How that purpose is delivered is always subject to constant and perhaps radical change.

Being committed to a strategy or a particular mission is a matter of vanity, this is not leadership.

Developing this capacity to be Agile within leaders is something that we can easily achieve with our 4-dimensional approach. We work on the Mindset, Behaviours, Culture and the Processes that will embed Agility within the leadership capabilities. We have based our model on the pioneering work of Ken Wilber and his Integral Philosophy.  Throughout our work we constantly see the interplay between all four dimensions.  If we change workplace behaviours, a consequence could be problems with structures and processes.  Alternatively, as a result of changing mindsets the culture becomes unaligned.  We believe to create change successfully all four dimensions have to change in alignment.

Creating this agility across a workforce is an ongoing process of engaging the workforce with developing the compelling purpose, finding out the core values of the workforce and creating alignment between those core values and the compelling purpose. This will create ownership and commitment.

Robust engagement and feedback processes will build trust that the purpose is the ultimate goal. Accepting challenge and being able to challenge the workforce will be possible once alignment around the purpose is in place.

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