We blend the most powerful facilitation techniques and personal development models available to create the biggest impact.

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Are you feeling stuck with old habits and patterns of working that stifle workshops and meetings?

Breaking those old unhelpful patterns and creating new dynamics can be daunting.  Some organisations like to tinker and make small changes, hoping not to create too much upset.

We aim to eradicate the old dynamics and unleash the latent potential within your group.

If you want 100% engagement, collaboration and achievement of your outcomes, you’d better get in touch.

The magic that makes change possible

We have spent our entire career investing in our own personal development.  In the process we have experienced the most powerful approaches to change.  This is what we offer our clients.  The three core magical components of individual and team transformation are:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • C-me Profiling & The Colour Energies
  • PinPoint Facilitation
Facilitation techniques using NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.  An intense and transformational set of tools and techniques focussed on the achievement of outcomes.  Has a profound effect on both individuals and teams.

facilitation techniques using the colour energies

C-me Profiling & the Colour Energies

C-me is a Jungian based Behavioural & Communication Preference profile that uses the 4 colour energies.  The 4 colour energies have been used for decades to provide a simple and powerful framework for understanding ourselves and others.  Having this common language that is quick and fun to learn opens up huge potential for new dynamics to emerge within groups.

Pinpoint facilitation technique

PinPoint Facilitation

After 15 years working as a facilitator and believing you know your craft…suddenly you come across PinPoint Facilitation!  Your world as a facilitator is turned on its head.  PinPoint Facilitation really is the holy grail of facilitation techniques.  Is this why it is used by the worlds biggest companies and mst powerful governments?  Possibly.

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