Dynamics…this is what we’re all about!.  Be that interpersonal or group dynamics.

Engaging | Collaborating | Achieving

We focus on developing the dynamics of ‘SUCCESS’ within individuals and groups.

To ensure we deliver as comprehensive an outcome as possible we focus on the what we call the 4 quadrants of effectiveness.  These are:

Are your employees aware of their preference for navigating interpersonal dynamics? Do they believe their organisation supports and encourages collaborative and proactive approaches to delivering outcomes? Have your employees been able to ‘let go’ of poor dynamics from previous employers of previous relationships? We focus on creating the mindset for successful collaborative working within your employees, this propels your organisation forward as an agile and collaborative organisation.

Developing Trust in your relationships is a key foundation of all interpersonal and team development. Everything stems from Trust and this can remove time consuming and costly protocols and controls. Building Assertiveness, Resilience & Accountability and ultimately Collaborative working will lead to high performance. Are the leaders in your organisation able to demonstrate these behaviours?

We work with organisations to develop a culture that values interdependency within strategic relationships. Creating this level of relationship maturity is a key aspect of our approach. Building on the Mindsets and Behaviours above we see cultures working from genuine Win/Win dynamics with partners. Transparency and openness are cornerstones of the cultures we facilitate. This drives talent and new partners towards working with your organisation.

The development of robust processes that reward high performance and seek to transform low performance are key to ensuring your organisation maximises value from all your internal and external relationships. Tolerating low performance and avoiding conflict and challenge ultimately act as a drain on your resources. By focusing on recruitment and retention of high performing employees your organisation outperforms competitors.

Facilitation that creates the dynamics of success

One of our clients suggested we bottle what we do and sell it.  This was after we had successfully completed another project involving teams that weren’t performing or were in conflict.

All the ingredients we use are set out in this website.  What makes us so different and successful is our wisdom and experience.  Below are our most common assignments we get asked to assist our clients with.

dynamics of conflict

Undoubtedly, our most common assignment.  We have a range of options available to facilitate your teams towards a healthier dynamic.  Each scenario we’ve encountered has been different.  There is no one-size fits all approach here.

Dynamics of Team Cohesion

If you have a new team or you are merging teams or simply looking to strengthen your team you want our Team Cohesion facilitation process.  For all teams, newly formed or long established.

Purpose Vision Mission facilitation

Neuro science is now confirming what was already known by the NLP field!  When a person feels a strongly positive emotional connection to an outcome – they become compelled to achieve it.  We facilitate the development of the most compelling strategic narrative.  You will attract the talent that wants to be part of your success.

Values & Alignment Facilitation

Values are the single most important aspect of your strategic narrative.  Values drive our behaviours and Values also underpin our Purpose.  When you can tap into the most important values of your employees and stakeholders you will achieve a solid alignment towards your common goals.

High Performing Teams Dynamics and Lencioni Facilitation

How do you define High Performance?  if this is your goal, we need to identify where your performance is currently standing.  We prefer Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team as our benchmarking tool.

Transforming Low Performance Dynamics facilitation

For many teams the level of engagement and commitment is poor.  Attempting to move this dynamic towards high performance straight away is a major mistake.  We work with you to improve engagement and commitment…only then could you consider further development.

Collaborative Working Facilitation

So you a have number of partners and although the spirit and intent to collaborate is there…no collaborative working exists.  We have a long track record of developing collaborative relationships, especially within the Infrastructure sector.

work winning and bid team development workshop facilitation

Developing teams from multiple stakeholders into a single team focused on winning a project encapsulates all of our specialisms!  Everything in the list above comes together here.

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