Covey’s 7 Habits

Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People remains one of the world’s top best-selling books after almost 50 years since being first published. Ask yourself why a book remains a best seller for over 50 years? It can only be because this book is ground breaking and has revolutionised leadership and personal development.

We use Covey’s 7 Habits as a foundation for all we do. Covey’s 1st Habit – Be Proactive is the inspiration for our NLP Training (Proactive NLP)

In our work with groups focusing on developing collaborative working, Covey’s 7 habits are absolutely essential for this work.

Covey's 7 Habits

Covey’s 7 Habits & Facilitation

When it comes to facilitating groups to achieve specific outcomes Covey’s 7 Habits are our go to framework for steering a group towards success.  As part of the habit: Be Proactive is a collection of models and ideas that when used will deliver your success.

collaborative working
  • We stay within our Circle of Influence
  • We have the End in Mind at all times.
  • We focus on the most important aspects of achieving our goals
  • There has to be a Win/Win mindset fromt he whole group.
  • We listen and understand then seek to be understood as we identify options for change.
  • All our processes generate options that utilise the whole of the group.

How we apply Covey’s 7 Habits to Workshop Facilitation

Be Proactive

From our very first interaction with you we will hold ourselves accountable for what we can realistically deliver for you.  If we believe the assignment requires particular resources in order to be successful we will only commit if those resources are provided. We only accept projects that can be successfully delivered.  We never promise miracles!


We begin with the end in mind and focus on the most important issues that will deliver the outcome.  By doing this we can avoid the rabbit holes and diversions that can result in the project being de-railed.  Our NLP & PinPoint Facilitation skills ensure the group stays focused with the End in Mind.


We work with your group to build trust and rapport from the start.  We listen and challenge the group to identify solutions that utilise all the resources available within the group.  By enabling full empowerment and accountability the group starts performing and communicating in a fashion that makes outcome achievement inevitable.

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