Conflict Resolution & Facilitation

Our most common client request!

More teams spend their time in conflict with each other than in working effectively together.

Conflict is one of those words…it nearly always conjeurs up negative perceptions. Conflict, though, is the key to developing high performance. Conflict is a positive driver of growth!

Learning to embrace Conflict is a hallmark of high performing teams.  Without this ability your team will simply avoid committing fully to any decisions and will seek to blame others for the failure of the team to achieve its goals.

Workplace conflict
low self-awareness can lead to the blame game

Workplace conflict has been an area that we have specialised in for more than a decade.  We’ve resolved all types of troublesome sitations:

  • Personality Clash
  • Grievances & Complaints
  • Inter-Team Conflicts
  • Stakeholder Conflicts
  • Client – Contractor Conflicts

What is our secret?

You wouldn’t expect us to reveal all on here, would you?

Suffice to say everything on this site is part of our success formula. The full recipe is there to explore. How we mix it, however, differs for each scenario we encounter. This is where knowledge requires the wisdom that comes from experience. Some of the key ingredients are listed below:

It takes at least two people to be in a conflict, the challenge is most people see the other person as the problem.

When you can ‘own’ your impact on a situation you can change the situation.

Passive behaviours are at the root of all conflict. When each person starts being assertive then progress is made

Defining what is important in  a relationship and identifying the behaviours that both support and undermine what you are aiming for is crucial

Being open to giving and receiving constructive feedback keeps the relationship moving in the right direction.

Are you experiencing conflict in your workplace?