Collaborative Working

The most challenging relationship to achieve as a team or an organisation.

Collaborative Working is more than a contract or a set of ISO standards.  If all you have is a set of systems and processes to govern how you operate with others in a joint venture of multi-stakeholder CIC then you will not be collaborating effectively.

Our experience of Collaborative Working came initially from major infrastructure projects. Multi-billion pound projects spanning many years and multiple organisations working to deliver a common goal.

The one element that was consistently downplayed was the impact of neglecting the relationship that gives rise to collaborative working. Most of the contractual disputes and delays on projects could be avoided by more focus on the relationships between the parties.  Sadly, the traditional and acrimonious client / contractor game playing is more seductive than harvesting mature interdependent relationships.  Short term gains over long term sustainability.

Is the Collaborative Working right for your team?

Whether you are working with external or internal stakeholders makes no difference. Developing the Mindset, behaviours, Culture and Processes that underpin collaborative working has to be one of the greatest benefits to any organisation.

We have over the years developed a fully accredited NLP Based Collaborative Working Certification. From an entry level Diploma, and Practitioner and Master Practitioner level we can guide you through the process.

Furthermore…there may well be a nationally recognised qualification that you can attain with this programme. Watch this space!

Collaborative Working
Developing the 4 Quadrants of effective Collaborative Working: Mindset, Behaviours, Culture & Processes
Collaborative Bid Support
Aiming to win a project requiring collaborative working? Let us develop your bid team's capacity to collaborate.
Developing Collaborative Behaviour
NLP Based Diploma, Practitioner, Master Practitioner Levels
Developing Collaborative Leadership
Understand the difference between traditional leadership and collaborative leadership
Collaborative Coaching
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Are you looking to develop your collaborative working excellence?