We’re a team of Facilitators, Coaches & Consultants with a purpose to build collaborative relationships with our clients.

When we work together with you, no matter what the conditions, we facilitate you to make choices that result in positive growth for you and your organisation.

Paul McGowran – Owner & Director of Proactive NLP Ltd

Paul is an Accredited PinPoint Facilitator.  His experience has seen him work with leadership teams from large infrastructure projects, NHS at the National & Local Level, International Teams and Small and Medium sized businesses.

Paul is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP and an Accredited Trainer of NLP with both INLPTA & the ANLP.  With experience gained over the last 16 years Paul has trained and certified numerous coaches as Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP.  As well as NLP, Paul is a specialist in behavioural profiling and interpersonal dynamics.  If there was a typical scenario where Paul gets called in, it would usually involve difficult and dysfunctional dynamics between individuals within a team.  Where others have failed to make difference, Paul is generally able to capture what is happening within a short time.  Once this happens, his unique approach tends to resolve the situation.

Paul’s consulting experience is extensive.  Working as a consultant with a Joint Venture Contracting organisation and the Client PMO he co-created a process for creating a collaborative culture on a large infrastructure project of national importance.
workshop facilitation

We build the capacity of teams to thrive even in the most challenging of scenarios.

We value the relationship with our clients.  Only through a strong interdependence mindset can we achieve a collaborative working relationship.

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