C-me Colour Profiles

C-me Colour Profiles deliver insights and impact that other colour energies based profiles simply cannot match.

Add the power of the four colour energies to your change toolkit

Experience the power of C-me Profiles and the four colour energies and unleash the full potential within yourself and your team. Identify where your behavioural and communication preferences are impacting your performance. Together with our creative facilitation, C-me Profiles will transform the performance of your team and organisation.

C-me Colour Profiles equip Leaders With Insights and Data

Behavioural Profiling is a vital element in building high performing teams.  The profiles are key to building trust and creating the conditions for healthy conflict.

Have you recently merged different teams and want to get the teams to gel quickly and effectively?  Our C-me Colour Profile is the perfect tool to make this happen.
Our coaching and personal development services use the C-me Colour Profile as the basis of the programme.  Greater self-awareness is the key to personal development and gaining insights into how you work.

“I think there is a personality clash going on.” This is a common plea from our clients where they have a conflict within team dynamics.  Our C-me Profiles can move team dynamics from conflict and dysfunction to healthy high performance.

C-me Colour Profiles give insights into team dynamics

C-me Colour Profiles Reveal Behavioural & Communication Preferences

If you know how and why people do what they do, you can gain insights on how to mix groups more effectively

Remote Working

How do your colour energy preferences impact on your performance while working remotely?


How do you recover from set-backs and what can you do to assist your colleagues develop greater resilience?

Role Agility

A vital aspect of High Performance is the flexibility of each team member to adapt to different roles?

Embed the colour energies with our excellent workshops

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