Becoming Agile

Being Agile in the post covid-19 world is essential for success.

Agile Manifesto and 4 colour energies

How quickly did the world change during the early part of 2020?  How many organisations planned for zero levels of activity?

Why Agile?

When we use the term Agile in this context we refer to the methodology used in software development and latterly in project management.  It has to be said, we are neither software developers nor project managers.  The Agile Manifesto, shown above in the graphic represents what we believe to be the best representation of the way forward for leadership and organisational development.

What do we mean by Agile?

We have taken the Agile Manifesto and applied our 4 colour energy model to it.

Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation

Blue Energy values CORRECTNESS and therefore, naturally, wants to see things through to completion. Blue energy prefers to complete to a high standard and not re-visit. The challenge for Blue Energy is to become more flexible in recognising that implementing change is more important than dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s.

Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

Red energy likes to win and achieve their goals. Red Energy is extremely competitive, hence, when it comes to collaborating with others and agreeing a shared goal this can sometimes be an obstacle. Sharing control and leadership is a challenge for Red Energy, however, is it essential for collaborative working.

Responding to Change over Following a Plan

Green Energy are the Implementors within a team. Steady, reliable, dependable they prefer working within a group delivering the work that has been set out in the plan. Green energy can hesitate and resist responding to change. For instance, checking that all involved are happy to move forward before agreeing to shift. Becoming more responsive to change and adopting a more flexible approach will embed a culture of agility.

Individuals & Interaction over Process & Tools

Yellow energy lives for Involvement and interaction, in other words, they like to make work fun. Creativity and innovation is sparked by a group of people sharing ideas. Our Pinpoint facilitation techniques are a powerful way to get interaction within individuals by removing barriers. The Pinpoint process has lots of tools and techniques that enable interaction and foster innovation.

Agile Leadership as part of your Organisational Development

We believe we have the basis for creating Agility within our range of services and capabilities and, therefore, agile leadership. Our core set of development programmes contain four modules designed to harness the Agile approach. Get in touch and lets start a conversation about creating agility within your organisation.

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