Facilitation of High Performance through the power of active contribution

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Workshop Facilitation designed to breakthrough ineffective group dynamics to realise your organisation’s full potential.

Our Purpose is enriching the feeling of being valued within your employees.

With over 25 years of experience in organisational, team & personal development we deliver purposeful facilitation to transform the performance of your teams

Blending the most powerful approaches available we create facilitated workshops that deliver your outcome. Never again will your meetings or workshops be dominated by the usual suspects. Neither will the most passive employees simply ‘nod’ their way through a meeting or workshop. We promise you ‘full engagement’.

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Our services

Facilitation, coaching and training are our go to services.  All our services are underpinned by extensive development and experience.  This is how we ensure you have effective team meetings and make workshops worthwhile to save time, money and improve outcomes.


A facilitator ‘makes it easy’ for you to achieve. As facilitators we exist to ease your pathway to your outcomes. This is all about a process, designed collaboratively and delivered to engage and achieve.


A great coach will explore with you what your options are and will challenge you to adapt to achieve your goals in a different fashion.  Expect us to have you working in a totally different way than ever before.


As accredited trainers we develop the Values, Skills and Behaviours of your employees and stakeholders that will transform their engagement and commitment to your strategic narrative.

The Underlying Magic

We are able to deliver our Services because we have focussed on our own development.  The techniques and approaches we utilise are the difference that makes the difference for us.

workshop facilitation using NLP

We are fully Accredited Trainers and Master Practitioners of NLP.  This is the foundation of all we do.

workshop facilitation using C-me Profiling

Colour Energies based behavioural profiling gives unique insights into every member of each group. We adapt to the colour of each group.

Pinpoint Facilitation

As Accredited PinPoint Facilitators we utilise the leading edge processes that create 100% engagement and active contribution. Your workshops will never be the same again.

Typical Assignments

Here are some of the more frequent requests we receive.

When you have two or more teams that are not working well together, we have a strong track record of developing a collaborative working dynamic.
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Looking at the make up of your team(s) and identifying the strengths and values that will bind them in to a strong cohesive unit.

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We excel at assisting organisation define a compelling purpose.  Vision & Mission only really have power when your Purpose is understood.  Otherwise, your stakeholders will still ask Why?

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Values are the most important aspect of your Strategic narrative. Values drive the behaviours of your organisation and they also underpin your Purpose.  If your stakeholders are not aligned with your Values, conflicts will ensue.

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How do you define High Performance?  Knowing where you are is the key! Lencioni’ 5 Dysfunctions of a Team is our preferred benchmarking model.

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This is the opposite of High Performance.  If you have a team that is just not engaged and not performing how do you go about creating a sense of engagement and commitment?  This is one of our key specialisms, especially within the NHS

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So you a number of partners and although the spirit and intent to collaborate is there…no collaborative working exists.  We have a long track record of developing collaborative relationships, especially within the Infrastructure sector.

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In a Joint Venture scenario or perhaps just within one organisation, getting your team ready to succeed at a behavioural assessment for a major project is an imperative.

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